"I'M ON FIAH!" - Blocky when tapped.

AMAZING! is the first game in the most epic series AMAZING!.

It consists of 116 rounds which are super epic.

Scratch is like Angry Birds Epic, while the normal would be like Super Smash Bros.

Japanese Edition has only Scratch, but every 5 rounds there is a new character.

The japanese characters will be added in the Third Game.


World 1: Tale of the Green Plains

  • Greeny: Great tutor! Man! NICE!
  • Nighty: He looks mad. Probably because he's formed from souls of nights?
  • Greeny V2: Wait, so he's in DISGUISE?!
  • (Scratch Round 5) Magishroo: It's a magical shroom. If only he doesn't eat those 1-ups.
  • (Normal Round 5) Sigh-feye: You can hear his sighs if you're wearing headphones. Don't ask where he is.
  • (Japanese Round 5) Sig: Hold on, why is this going offtopic?
  • (Scratch & Normal Round 6) Levo: Flies everyday, stealing ALL ranged and magic weapons...
  • (Scratch Round 7) Lighty: SUPER CRAZY THAT YOU CAN'T HANDLE 'ER!
  • (Normal Round 7) Magishroo: See top :l
  • Blocky: You don't have to ask why he's talking so fast.
  • (Scratch Round 9) Greeny V3: AGAIN? You gotta be kidding, right?
  • (Normal Round 9) Geysir: He is your basic water sir.
  • (Scratch & Normal Round 10) Mr. Re: His past is shrouded in mysteries...
  • (Japenese Round 10) Armopuncha: "Come on over here!"