"Huh?" - Batty's strange, odd, quote.

DriveMeBatty is made by PeriodicTable208. Unlike normal bats, she hates blood, which is a odd habit. Either that or she never tried blood. Her strength is 100% undetermined.


It's just a bat from Scratch, not the black one. Of course, her quote "Huh?" makes people think she is dumb, when her quote could've been "Got any food?"


There's only 5 attacks, and they're all too easy to dodge.

Wing Slap

She uses this move alot. She tries to slap you with her wing. On Expert Mode, she creates a tornado on slaps, too easy to dodge.

Fang Fiasco

She basically falls down just to chomp you. Besides, this is the most easiest attack ever. On Expert Mode, it creates Shockwaves, but it doesn't make it OP.


Of course, this move says it all; she charges into you. In expert mode, she creates a homing tornado, which slowly moves and turns. Not OP.

Stake Spit

This is still too easy; she just does a mini-gun like stake attack that she needs to charge for ten seconds. In expert mode, they act like bombs, but don't make everything harder.

Batty Propeller

Easiest Expert Mode move. She just creates a gust of wind which pushes you while trying to hit you.