"YYyoylka!" - Hidden's favorite phrase.

Hidden is a Phantom "Bedbug" which is found in SHOCKING INCREDIBLE AMAZING!, and is the first Phantom enemy you fight.


He is a simple bed, but with edited. He has red eyes, three ears, one actually being a dim lamp, and three "wooden poles". He's human sized. He has sharp teeth, all golden.


Hidden, like said, is a Phantom "Bedbug". He appears on Level 13. His intro is, a bed comes landing, not until opening two eyes, reattaching the broken "wooden poles", and him jumping, suddenly, growing three ears. Again, one is actually a dim lamp. His attacks are:

  • Jumping to you, then rushing to you with his teeth.
  • Sometimes, he'll jump into the background (just a dark place), and will run around rapidly. He'll immediatly stop if he sees you're in the background, fainting, giving you a chance to strike him. Otherwise, two red glowing eyes and a light will appear far, not until he jumps up, and two moon-shaped waves are send towards you.
  • He might jump into one of the holes which generates those enemies. He will make five fake danger signs, which will confuse you on where he's coming from. Hidden will soon shoot from the hole. However, he may not shoot from the hole, and do one of these:
    • ALMOST hitting you, and then biting you. If you jump, he will immediatly strech himself the the hole on the opposite of him, and then all of the sudden, his body becomes REALLY hot until you touch him. He won't do this if you're not behind him.
    • Do a thunderclap which basically makes ice balls be shot all around him.
    • Blow fire.
    • Shoots himself from the hole, just as he's about to enter the hole on the other side, he will soon disappear with a cloud of him. Depending on where he came from, a tornado will come from that side. A strong gust will also push you depending on where he came from. (either left or right)

Phase 2

After defeat, Hidden will soon become a gigantic Baku, who has the same attacks, but buffed.

In Card Crashers

Hidden is a Phantom type with a HP of 5. When he dies, he stuns the attacker that killed him. His intro slightly different, with him already having his eyes opened.