Luxor is the first ever Creation Master you would ever fight. This one is a Light type, Attack Style Strong.


His first ever attack when he starts is create photon sheeps which explodes into a bright flash. His block attack is basically where he manipulates all dreams and turns them into a wall. If hit alot of times, he becomes a sun. The sun has an attack pattern; Sun Spread, Sun Blade, and Sun Slam. When defeated, you get the Dream Sun.


  • As said he's the 1st ever creation masters, the other 9 is:
    • Pollo, the Master of Creativity.
    • Bugfix, the Master of Tweaking.
    • Divelord, the Master of Aspects.
    • Burster, the Master of Change.
    • Slumbe, the Master of Nightmare.
    • Yinnyyangy, the Master of Remix.
    • Batteryan, the Master of Power.
    • Easelpainter, the Master of Color.
    • Stat Star, the Master of Stats.
  • When he says "Luxor Dream Master!", he's actually asking you if you're in the Lux Dreams, and if you're the REAL dream master.