Nights are the main enemies of Amazing.


On the Spoopy project, Mr. Yokai decided to turn on the lights for the scene, showing blue random thingies. He called those "Nights". However, it became a great villain after the warplane out of fuel scene. The Japan Portal became a Night Portal.


  1. Night - Basic Night.
  2. "Nighty" - Nighty-lookalike. They come in different sizes.
  3. Hill - Due to the size, the Hill can eat almost everything.
  4. Night Cloud - The main power-up source for nights.
  5. Mole - Night which is the most fast digger. Can surprise attack.
  6. Night Paint - The main reason why Nights were created! Comes in different colors.
  7. Pink Flare - Burns any unsuspecting people.
  8. Tri - Small Nights which release SPORES!
  9. Worm - Comes in segments.