Noter is the first character you fight in AMAZINGER!. It is basically some Blocky replica which talks by printing notes.


  • Head Bash - His first ever move. He basically either does this once or multiple times.
  • Head Drill - He does a 360 head bash.
  • Fatal Tackle - He charges into the opponent supremely fast, dealing damage to himself while doing it.
  • Flop Out - In J's path, Noter flops out after getting hit by ice & fire.
  • Swapping Health - A lazy move only used in Newbie's path; he simply just goes up to Newbie and swaps health.
  • Revival - He does this whenever he is hit with an OP move. For example, he was THKO'd by Newbie and OHKO'd by Robasleep.
  • Punch - A simple punch attack.
  • Face Punch - He punches the enemy in the face, hence doing critical damage.
  • His Way of Saying Thanks - As seen in Cybor's path, he thanks Cybor by blowing him up with a grenade off screen. Later Cybor blows up.
  • RUHVENGE - In Robasleep's path, he gets revenge by OHKO'ing Robasleep.
  • Taser - As seen in Jarrod's path, he ultimately tazers ALL-en, revealing to have some sorta build-in zappa.
  • Call for Friends - Like Lighty did he calls in friends.