RPing Rules

Besides the normal rules, RPing has a set of exclusive rules, which will not result in bans and such

  • No OP
  • Do not go in the rp half way through just to be a guy who does everything in 1 go and is "better than everyone else." Those people ruin the fun. "A person with no impurities, is not unique."
  • Do not be someone that tries to become leader, make everyone have their character traits or act like they need to do everything for them, or just force people to ruin their RP character's personality.

Also if you want, list your character and his/her traits and such

RP Trait Set Up (optional)

(Note: Pictures of character are allowed, as long as they do not violate the Rules)

<Name of RP Character>



<Race (optional)>

<Powers (optional)>