Rules are Rules!

So before you go adding stuff, lets go over rules so no one is being mean.

  • No inaproppiate stuff, this page is PG
  • No swearing, same reason as ^
  • No trolling/messing up pages, as that is plain annoying
  • No begging for ranks, you know why
  • Finally, going on this page just to annoy everyone will be illegal on this page.


People adding/doing inaproppiate things and swears will result in a 1-7 day ban, depending on how much it happens.

People trolling will be given a warning, but will be banned for 3 days if trolling during a warning

People begging for ranks will be banned for an hour, as they aren't technicly doing anything wrong

People going on the page just for annoying people will be given a perminant ban.