The Epicaries, also sawn in the prequels of Amazing, are the legendary protectors of the Green Planet and Gjikyo. They represent the 15 Elements (formerly normal but...) they wield the important part of Amazing Mix.


Over one billion years ago, there was the epicary defenders. They defended the core of Green Planet from the evils. 1/2 of them are animals and 1/2 of them are humans. When they fought the Host (Basically, the villain from the first amazing game), they had wrecked the Host's minions, but when they fought the host, the host basically sucked them into the "Legend Cup". The Legend Cup is what summoned them when the first (The Fake Prequel) monster found the cup. The Host put an end to the Epicaries by splitting the pieces of the Legend Cup. The fragments were basically a ball version of the Epicaries. Years later, the population of the Green Planet was gloomy. Even gloomier than the prequel.

After many years of the fragments scattered everywhere, that was the time, the first human ever to land onto Gjiokyo, was assigned to find the fragments scattered in the world Gjiokyo.

It's not easy, however.


Athydro, Scaleless Mermaid

Athydro is the scaleless mermaid, which literally has no scales. Her power is to manipulate water and attack enemies with it.

Flakeflight, Snowflake Glider

Flakeflight is a Snowflake Glider who has a one single icicle as feet. She is known to make snowflakes grown and either ride or use them as a weapon.

Goolock, Robot of Goo

Goolock is a robot which resembles a brass robot having a capsule of poison and two hands; one is a cannon, another is a saw. Goolock's main attack is shooting goo and launching gooey poison with it's saw.