"As my light grows dimmer you'll start to shimmer!" - Vershim's quote.

Vershim is a Verstaltite monster who is 50% crystal. As his quote says, he makes people shimmer as his light grows dimmer and dimmer.



Vershim starts by a gigantic chunk of crystal falling down, then shattering. Vershim's light grows brighter. There's two lamps on both sides, required to make you avoid the debuff "Freeze". His attack pattern is most of the times the same. The attack pattern:

  • First off, he just kinda jumps randomly without care. Every jump causes a shockwave to appear. He does this eight to ten times.
  • Second off, his spikes on his back prick up, meaning you can't jump on him to stun him. He will then start shooting them in the air, where they fall in random places. Again, they cause shockwaves.
  • Third, he either jumps randomly without care again or cause a gigantic crystal to pop out of the ground, underneath you.
  • Fourth, he'll lunge at you, trying to stab you with his claws.
  • Fifth, he'll either shoot:
    • Verstaltite Crystals.
    • Also Verstaltite Crystals, but they inflict Frostbite.
    • A shield-like crystal which will reflect attacks.
    • Shadecrystals, which shoot homing echoes at you.
    • Sometimes, he won't shoot, and instead just launch himself at you.

Phase 2

After being defeated, he'll start to break apart, and then a shadow of him will appear. Now this is where the lamps have to be used, because that's the only way to damage him. Other than that, he'll also dim his light out and teleport right towards you (if you're not near a lamp). After several hits, Vershim's Shadow will start to vanish.

in Card Crashers

Same intro. Has 9 HP and 3 AT. Inflicts Freeze sometimes.